Corten Retaining 750mm tall timber post example

Corten steel posts can be used instead of timber posts

corten retaining wall timber posts details

Set H5 posts in concrete, brackets attached

Stainless steel mounting brackets circled in red
Ready to take 1200 x 750mm corten retaining wall panels

timber posts with first corten steel retaining panels fitted

Stainless steel fixing brackets connect panels to H5 posts

Corten retaining walls need good drainage behind them

timber capping formwork for corten

Place capping rail on posts for Corten capping

When using corten steel posts you can use the capping brackets

add top plate to corten

Secure panels to brackets with Stainless Steel TEK screws

Modern garden using corten steel retaining walls

corten retaining wall with capping

Corten capping corner mitre

Modern garden using corten steel retaining walls

secure corten capping to top plate

Layout drawing of corten retaining wall construction

Corten panel and capping prices

Corten corner panels have mitred fold detail

Unweathered corten steel arrives on sit as “blue steel”

Installer mitred capping on site, panels were supplied with mitred corners

750mm tall retaining wall

Finished 750mm tall corten fence develops patina

Parts used in this retaining wall example

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2mm thick


3mm thick


90 x 50 x 50mm


3mm thick


3 mm thick


Corten panel and capping prices

Email us site pics and a sketch, we will then get back to you with corten options for your retaining wall

750mm tall corten retaining wall

750mm tall corten retaining wall

Corten retaining wall using 1200mm x 750mm panels with capping

corten capping unweathered

Corten capping profile

corten capping over 190mm wide block

Corten capping profile fit over 190mm wide concrete blocks