Corten Fences Pricing Info

corten fence panel system

Corten Fence panel assembly

  1. Set up fence posts

  2. Fix bottom brackets to posts

  3. Fix top brackets to posts

  4. TEK screw panels to brackets

  5. Fit round edge capping

Corten panel prices for retaining walls and fences

corten penel sizes assorted
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2mm thick


2mm thick


2mm thick


2mm thick


2mm thick


2mm thick


2mm thick


2mm thick


2mm thick


2mm thick

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Stainless steel fixing bracket          $6.33 each

Stainless steel TEK screws             $68.54 packet of 100

corten stainless steel bracket

High Wind Warning

Large flat sheets of steel may suffer from Aeroelastic Flutter (Rolf Harris wobble board effect)

Using thicker 3mm steel minimises this flutter

corten fence wall capping
corten capping unweathered

Capping set out details

Corten fence wall capping profile in 3mm thick steel

  • Capping length
  • 600mm
  • 900mm
  • 1200mm
  • 1500mm
  • Prices inc GST
  • $61.02
  • $87.62
  • $114.27
  • $140.88

corten fence panels

Garden fence using corten steel

corten fence and pergola

Corten steel fence and pergola

corten steel garden wall

Modern garden using corten steel retaining walls