Corten Quarter Circle Edging Prices ship steel quarter tree rings NZ wide

All parts and corten accessories shipped in flat packs

Metal garden edging is tough, while being quick and easy to install

corten 4 piece tree ring set
circular corten planter

corten quarter circle edging – 3mm thick

Corten steel is 70% stronger than mild steel, corten develops a fine grained protective rust patina over time, compared to mild steel which quickly corrodes with pitting, large blisters and flakes .
Mild steel rust vs genuine corten steel rust example
Only corten steel is used in the manufacture of shipping containers, where durability and high strength are needed
Thin mild steel alternatives are no match for genuine corten steel when longevity and corrosion resistance are required

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100mm tall Arc = 472mm


100mm tall Arc = 707mm


100mm tall Arc = 942mm


100mm tall Arc = 1178mm


100mm tall Arc = 1414mm


150mm tall Arc = 472mm


150mm tall Arc = 707mm


150mm tall Arc = 942mm


150mm tall Arc = 1178mm


150mm tall Arc = 1414mm

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corten peg prices

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corten planter using 4 quarter curved section
corten panles joined together with TEK screws
elongated corten planter
corten quarter circle
corten panles joined together with TEK screws