Corten Planter 1500mm x 900mm x 450mm tall example

Corten planters can be using our garden edging system or our 2mm retaining wall panel system

corten planter 2 panels fixed

Bolt first 2 panels together with stainless steel bolts

Add 3rd 1500 x 450mm side panel, corten panels have predrilled pilot holes on all 4 sides.

corten planter 4 panels fixed

Bolt the last panel in place

corten panel fixing detail

Stainless steel bolt detail, Do not use zinc coated bolts. This will result in bimetallic corrosion, which ocurs when dissimilar metals are in contact

corten planter with timber capping

Option1/ leave edge as folded corten

Option2/ Screw 100 x 40mm timber capping to top of corten planter, secured through pilot holes along top of panels

After 8-10 weeks the corten steel has weathered to a soft rust colour

corten planter 1200 x 1200mm

Corten planter made up using 1200 x 450mm panels with 45deg folds

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