Corten Fence Attached to rails example

corten fence squares

corten fence example before1

Corten Fence panel assembly example

  1. Fix bottom brackets to posts

  2. Fix top brackets to posts

  3. TEK screw panels to brackets

Fence panel prices


First rails attached to fence


Corten stainless steel brackets, attached to fence rail

Bottom row of stainless steel brackets fixed to bottom rail

First corten panel fixed to fence

Stainless steel TEK screw secures panels to brackets, Do not use zinc coated tech screws to avoid bimetallic corrosion, which occurs when dissimilar metals are in contact

Corten panels being secured to stainless steel brackets

Corten fence panels, 900 x 450mm, 600 x 450mm and 300 x 450mm

Corten fence ready for last preformed steel panel

corten fence last panel

Lat panel stainless steel brackets in position

Finished corten fence, panels are un-weathered

Fence panel prices

Corten panel bracket side profile

Corten panels at 6 weeks, starting to weather