Corten Exterior Rain Screen Cladding

plywood cladding over cavity

Step 1

Use 17mm Structural plywood H3.2 treated to create a weathertight cavity wall

All joints in the plywood to be flashed, Windows and other openings to be flashed and weathertight before corten rain screen is installed

Corten external and internal corners fixed to structure with stainless steel fixing brackets

corten corner profiles

Corten corten widow flashings fixed to structure, min of 3mm gap between corten and aluminium joinery,
Place DPC insulation barrier between treated plywood and corten steel.

Corten window profiles

Install corten rain screen to plywood clad using stainless steel brackets fixed with stainless steel coach screws

bracket fixing details

corten panels part installed

Continue installing corten panels to walls

corten panels all installed

Weathertight plywood structure, with corten rain screen cladding

Internal corner detail

External corner detail

Corten rain screen around window

corten cladding window detail

Close up of corten window detail