Corten Swimming Pool Fence 1500mm x 600mm panels

corten fence 1500mm tall around pool

Corten pool fence using 1500 x 600mm panels

SS bracket to panel detail

Use stainless steel TEK screws to secure corten panel to bracket

corten fence front view 1500mm tall

Corten panels in fixed veristically

corten fence back view 1500mm tall panels

Back view of corten pool fence

Spacing of horizontal rails greater than 900mm, to comply with NZ pool fence regulations

Parts used on pool fence

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corten-fence at 5 months old

Corten panels at 12 weeks, starting to weather, and get the rust patina

corten vertical fence panels

Corten panels 2100 x 450mm attached to horizontal rails with stainless steel brackets

corten panels fixed vertically after weathering

corten retaining wall-1200mm tall

Corten retaining wall built with panels

corten fence panels 2400 x 600mm

2400 x 600mm corten fence panels in Twizel

Un weathered corten panels

corten fence panels 1800 x 900mm

Un weathered 1800 x 900mm corten panels